Book Review: The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet

I was introduced to fabulous knitwear designer Hunter Hammersen by the lovely Jesse, the writer behing a great knitting blog called Knotty Knickers.  Jesse was the inspiration for my long-term work in progress, the sock yarn scrap blanket.  You can see some old posts about the blanket here: Sock Yarn Blanket.

Hunter is the brains behind Rabble Rousers, a fab knitting pattern book that I reviewed recently (by the way, you can win a copy this month by leaving a comment on this blog post: Rabble Rousers Giveaway).  Rabble Rousers is a brilliant book, so when I heard that Hunter was publishing a 2nd book around the same time, I was really keen to review it.  I actually squealed with joy when my review copy arrived in the post!

The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet features patterns drawn from vintage botanical prints. There are 2 patterns for each print, one for a pair of socks and one for an accessory. The book includes patterns for 10 pairs of socks, 3 cowls, 3 cuffs, 2 hats and 2 shawls.  The patterns focus on intricate texture with lots of lace, ribbing and edging.  As well as 20 gorgeous patterns, the book includes tips and tricks to help your knitting go smoothly and information about the history of curiosity cabinets.

So what did I think?  Quite simply this: Hunter’s designs are stunning.  I have included lots of photos in this review because I think that the photos say it all.  I love knitting accessories as I really don’t have the attention span for larger projects.  A lace shawl is really about as big as I go.  So this book is perfect for me.

The pattern photographs featured in this post are the ones that really caught my eye.  You can find links to these patterns on Ravelry below so you can check out more photos and other people’s projects:

I am struggling to find anything that I didn’t like about this book. I would knit the vast majority of the patterns, with the exception of the cuffs (only because I have never worn cuffs before – perhaps I should try). The instructions and charts look clear and well written and the photographs are beautiful and really help you understand each accessory’s contstruction and pattern.  I would like to see Hunter design more shawls – her sock patterns would look lovely in a shawl.

The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet is available to purchase electronically for US$18.95 or you can treat yourself to a hard copy and electronic copy bundle for US$26.95.  You can purchase the book on The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet website, Amazon or through Ravelry (links below):

Right, I am off to queue some patterns…

Image credits: copyright Hunter Hammersen, used with permission.

10 responses to “Book Review: The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet

  1. I responded to the Rabble Rouser’s giveaway on your previous post, but I think I like this book a lot, too! I posted it to my FB page so that all of my knitting buddies can see it too! I hope you won’t mind when I re-blog your post, Martine! You just write so nicely!:) Thanks for the links on your sock yarn blanket as well! One of my best knitting buddies, Cheryl, is using her leftover sock yarn to do a log cabin blanket. if I could post a picture of one of her squares I would. She essentially does strips of yarn around a center square until the whole square is the size she wants it to be. She got the idea from

    Stacy is also one of my favorite knitter’s to learn things from. I love her video tutorials! You can see her log cabin blanket here:


    • Hi Linda

      No, of course I don’t mind, it’s a lovely compliment. Please re-blog as you like 🙂

      I love that Log Cabin blanket – thanks for sharing it. I may well blog about it because it looks so fab. Thanks again!



  2. I knit the cuffs in the book, and then made a pair for me, and even though I admit to having been skeptical of the things at first – I looooove them! When you need just a wee bit of warmth and a bit of charming accessorizing, cuffs are the way to go. And the Curiosity Cabinet ones are the ones I wear the most I have to say, the yarn is just so squishy good!


  3. I really like the gold socks,? It looks like I’m going to add the book to my Christmas wish list.


  4. I’ve been stalking both of her books…each item is a little work of art. Love it!!!! Maybe we should do one of her patterns for the next Rav. knitalong?


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