Shawls Aren’t Just For Grannies!

I was randomly talking about the fact that I loved knitting shawls recently and a [rude and uninformed] person commented that shawls were for grannies…!  I was a little shocked!  In response,  I thought I’d share a few photos of my favourite knitted shawls below (all knitted by me) as well as links to the patterns on Ravelry.  Also there is an amazing video from You Tube at the end of this post which gives you 25 ways to wear a scarf; this could easily apply to a triangular, knitted shawl.

This is Travelling Woman

Here’s Damask


And finally, Ishbel

21 responses to “Shawls Aren’t Just For Grannies!

  1. That person was DEFINITELY uniformed! He/she probably just said it because they can’t make them, and they really do secretly want one made for themselves. Once they get one, they will love them as well.. 🙂 However, I can’t say that I would be one to make a shawl for someone that may or may not appreciate all of the very hard work that goes into making these works of art! Beautiful shawls, Martine! Just gorgeous!


    • The video is great for that actually Jane – I used to struggle with wearing scarves but now I can manage to make them look ok 🙂 Hee hee! Thanks for leaving a comment.



  2. Martine, love your shawls. They are my favorite thing to knit. Hopefully the person who spoke was more uninformed than rude. I think these lovely and very wearable items just get misunderstood because of their name. One wear and the speaker might change their mind.


    • Thanks Sonja! Yes – let’s go with uninformed, rather than rude 🙂 You’re right about the name ‘shawls’ – if they were silk, they’d be scarves wouldn’t they. Hmmmmm…. I think we need to reinvent the knitted shawl!


  3. OMG! How misinformed is that person. Obviously they’re not fashionistas like us. Grannies indeed. Shawls are currently hot on trend and a must have accessory.

    Pah! What a Philistine!


  4. Shawls are such wonderful accents to any wardrobe and for anyone who’s ever knitted one, the love and skill that goes into making one is huge! Love your pics!


    • Thank you so much – you are so right about the love and skill that goes into making one. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the recipient of a knitted shawl as a gift is suitably worthy!


  5. Speaking of making shawls.. LOL.. Check these out, Martine!

    Next year is the year of shawls for me. I will be making shawls for people that I love and care about. I decided this about a month ago, and I am now combing Ravelry to see what patterns I have purchased. I think that I have enough to do some really gorgeous shawls justice.

    I love Dee’s designs on Ravelry, like this one:

    I think I will make this one for my mom, in midnight blue or white.

    I love that one so much, I just had to add it to my library. I looked at it, dreamt about it, and decided after many trips to gaze lovingly at it that I must have the pattern.

    This Rose Trellis Shawl here:

    I am going to make for my MIL so that it will be ready when she visits next September. Her favorite color is purple, and I have some beautiful handpainted lace yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts just waiting for my needles. I even purchased Signature circular needles to do these shawls! Are you familiar with Tanis Fiber Arts? She is out of Canada, and she makes some gorgeous yarn!

    Have you heard about Signature needles? They have stiletto tips, Martine.. PURRFECT for doing the stitches involved with lace knitting. Check them out here:

    Anyway, I want to take the pattern below and increase it across to make a shawl for a friend of mine:

    Lastly, this one is just gorgeous!

    I hope one or more of these make you go OMG! I have to make that!:)


    • Oooh thanks for the links. Checking them out now. Thursday’s blog post this week will feature a shawl that you will like (watch this space!)



  6. I wear my shawls all the time while I am on the school playground, at this time of year! Gradually I am being asked to make some for others! Once you have experienced these little warm cozy items round your neck, you can’t live without them! I love to wear them in the car too (especially when the screen clearing fan is switched on on cold mornings!)! I have found many indie spinners and dyers who produce such soft yarn, that ichiness or other feelings of discomfort is no longer a problem!
    I loved the video of how to wear a scarf, who knew there were so many different ways!


    • Thanks for your comment Caroline 🙂 I agree that once you start wearing shawls you kind of get addicted. I need one for every outfit really, so that’s a lot of knitting….


  7. I only started knitting shawls this year and so far have made about six! I love knitting them, and am going to check out the pattern links in a moment. My gran does wear shawls but would be very annoyed to be thought of as fuddy duddy!


    • Hi Tora!

      I love making shawls too, my next project is the Zelda Shawl – using beads. I cannot wait. I am sure your gran is very cool 🙂



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