iMakeography: Shoots


I thought it would be a good idea to update you on the growth of my chilli seeds… look!  I have some serious shoots!  They’ll need potting on soon.  It’s terribly exciting.

I have more growing plans…


For my garden this year, I am aiming to plan seeds straight outside. So I am going to do rocket and radish again. But I am also going to grow some sweet peas. They smell wonderful and I think they are my birth flower (April?)

Finally, I fancied some kitchen herbs, so planted these up today.


What are your growing plans for this spring?


8 responses to “iMakeography: Shoots

  1. We’re planning on growing some of our own veg this year. It’s still in the planning stage though 😉

    We’re not terribly green fingered but I do have success with kitchen herbs and a few other things. Which reminds me, I need to plant some herbs for my kitchen too.


  2. DH is the gardener here in Somersetshire! Last year, he magically managed to grow some wonderful potatoes when even the farmers’ crop was failing! This year he has already got rhubarb growing and we have had one crumble from it already! I think the secret is our garden, it is surrounded on 3 sides by a 7ft brick wall. This acts like the old fashioned kitchen garden of the big houses. THe walls are warmed by the sun, even if the air is cool and brings everything on! We were chatting about this earlier, wondering if commercial farms, growing such things as strawberries and other soft fruit, that is at the moment grown under glass or in polly-tunnels, would need less artificial help if farms were divided into smaller plots and surrounded by brick walls. It helps to keep out slugs and diseases, stops the soil being blown away and helps to warm the soil and therefore start the growing season earlier. What do others think?


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