iMakeography: Lighthouses


I had a random phone call from Charles (friend of the podcast) this morning asking me if I fancied going out for a couple of hours to participate in the Instagram weekend hashtag project, the theme for which was lighthouses. We also roped in lovely Jen who’s quite new to the island still. Basically we drove around the island for a couple of hours photographing lighthouses, posted the photos to Instagram and tagged them #whplighthouse (“wht”stands for weekend hashtag project – apparently this is a regular thing). I understand Instagram showcase the best shots somewhere although I am not entirely clear on the details. It was SUCH fun and a perfect day for driving round the island in Charles’s convertible. Here are my favourite shots. Check out Charles and Jen’s shots too. Charles is Charles1966 and Jen is Jraina on Instagram.




7 responses to “iMakeography: Lighthouses

  1. How do you do it? You were tweeting and instagraming while we were out and Charles and I couldn’t even see our screens! And now you’ve already posted and I am AMAZED!


  2. Lovely pics. I’ve never seen that red one but will keep my eyes peeled next time up I’m up North – am I right to think that’s Quayside in the background?


    • That’s right Caroline – it’s the other side though. Charles informs me that it’s on something known as Abraham’s Bosom but I am not sure if he was pulling my leg or not! 🙂


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