Adventure in Herm

Herm day 2

This weekend (just gone) I went to Herm with the lovely Jo and Jen (fellow bloggers). We had lots of fun “arching” (doing archery!?) and wandering round the island. Even though we barely saw the sun, it was a lovely day. Here are a few iPhone photos…

Herm day 1

Herm day 4

Herm day 7

Herm day 6

Herm day 5

It was Worldwide Knit in Public day, so…

Herm day 3

On our return from Herm we just managed to catch the end of Arts Sunday in Guernsey, and I spotted this fabulous example of refrigerator art…

Herm day 8

Finally (I almost forgot) here’s a quick Audioboo from me, Jo and Jen…


2 responses to “Adventure in Herm

  1. What a nice momento of our trip! Do you naturally enunciate that well, or is that something you’ve learned to do? (#posh)


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