How to Make a Wrap

Guernsey Wrap 3

What on earth is a wrap? I hear you ask…

Weirdly, I think it’s a Guernsey thing, perhaps to do with living on an island and being brought up on the beach! Surely it cannot just be a Guernsey thing? Anyway, a wrap is basically a tube of towelling, elasticated at the top. It’s useful on the beach or at the pool because you can use it to change into your swimsuit while wearing it (we’re modest folk in Guernsey) as well as using it to dry off after a dip.

I made my first wrap recently so I thought I’d share the process here on the blog. The explanation below assumes you have some sewing experience. Apologies for the lack of process photos – I used dark blue towelling so the photos I took showed very little detail. Hopefully my work sheet helps.

You will need:

  • A length of towelling 1 m 80 cm x 1 m 50 cm (this fits a medium-sized adult, adjust as needed). Note that the larger measurement is the height of the wrap.
  • Cotton thread to match your towelling colour
  • 1 m of thick elastic (I used 1 inch thick elastic)
  • A large safety pin
  • Pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Sharp scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Tape measure
  • Download this worksheet: How to make a Guernsey wrap worksheet

In the explanation below right and wrong sides of the fabric are referred to. It’s quite tricky to work out which side of towelling is “right” and which is “wrong” so just make your own choice and stick to it. If one side looks like it will be more absorbent than the other, have that as the wrong side so it’s closest to your skin.

Guernsey Wrap You Will Need


Download the How to make a Guernsey wrap worksheet.

Make sure the edges of your fabric are properly squared up. Trim as needed. Don’t rely on your fabric shop to cut straight…!

Serge/overlock the edges of your fabric. If you don’t have an overlock stitch on your machine then use a zig-zag stitch instead. This is to stop the edges of your fabric fraying.

Refer to the worksheet. With the wrong side of the fabric facing you, fold over over the top of the fabric (edge C) to create the hem where the elastic will feed through. This is the neck of your wrap. The size of this hem will depend on the width of your elastic. Ensure there is plenty of room for your elastic to fit through. Pin and sew.

Hold the fabric against you to work out how long you would like your wrap to be. I recommend ankle length but it’s up to you.
With the wrong side of the fabric facing you, fold up your hem (edge D), pin and sew. You may need to trim the fabric before you hem it.

Fold your wrap in half, right sides together. Pin and sew edges A and B together, starting just underneath the opening where the elastic will go (see photo below, start sewing next to the horizontal pink headed pin to ensure the elastic opening is not sewn over). Sew right down to the bottom of the wrap (edge D).


Attach the elastic to your large safety pin and feed through the top hem. Note I only had a kilt pin handy… it was a bit big!

Guernsey Wrap Process 1

Guernsey Wrap Process 2

Put your wrap on and give the elastic a tug to work out how tight you’d like it. It just needs to sit on your shoulders really. Make sure you hang on to both ends of the elastic!

Trim your elastic. Pin it and sew by hand or on the machine. Both options are a little fiddly.

Guernsey Wrap Process 3

Finally, you need to close the gap over the elastic – just tuck in the raw edges and over sew by hand (funky nail polish optional).

Guernsey Wrap 1

There you have it! Your lovely Guernsey wrap.

Guernsey Wrap 4

Guernsey Wrap 2


11 responses to “How to Make a Wrap

      • I thought it would be expensive…..will price up a ready made & go with cheapest option xx


      • The quality of the towelling is really good though, to be fair. You could probably get cheaper online. I saw a ready-made one in Creasey’s swimwear bit for £35 x


  1. Great little tutorial, Martine. Brings back fond memories of childhood beach holidays! My mother made one for me when I was little (and one for her!) so it can’t just be a Guernsey thing.


  2. I would love to get two for my Grand daughters here in Australia, I remember them from when I was very young and they are the best ever for getting changed as you have the slits in the side great simple idea. Any idea where I could get some from


    • Hi Kay

      Sorry for the delay. My website has moved to – please update your feed reader/bookmarks :0)

      There are wraps for sale in Guernsey but the postage would be huge so I recommend making your own or even getting a dressmaker to do it.

      Sorry I cannot be more help



  3. Available from Guernsey Bedding Centre, with arm holes, made from top quality hight thread count Christy towels £32.00, children’s size £26.00 extra long can also be made


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