August Break 2013: Love

Happy scarecrow

Happy scarecrow

This was a difficult August Break photo theme – there are so many things I could photograph to demonstrate love. I thought I’d go for something less obvious than, say, a heart, cats, or my husband… I have opted for scarecrows (les babouains in Guernsey French). I didn’t realise I loved scarecrows until yesterday. My love of scarecrows relates to my love of handmade things, and in turn, my love of Guernsey.

Yesterday, my friend Jo , her mum and I attended the 10th Annual Torteval Scarecrow Festival.  We “crossed the border” into the parish of Torteval (a local joke… Torteval seems like a long way away in Guernsey, it must have taken us at least half an hour to drive there!) We made our way to the parish church, picked up our maps and then walked around Torteval’s beautiful lanes admiring the parishioners’ babouains.

There were 55 scarecrows in total and I have included a few photos of my favourites below. The effort that people had put into their creations was impressive and some of them were quite funny. There was a lot of local humour and even a little local political satire (I kid you not!)

The participants in the festival clearly love their parish and their island – I was really impressed. What fun!

The August Break 2013


4 responses to “August Break 2013: Love

  1. They are great – I love the builders! The veg co-op where I volunteer has a couple of scarecrows built for the kids for the annual Open Day. They are scaring no one but they add a bit of whimsy and colour to the site.


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