Guernsey Wonderland Winter Timelapse

It occurred to me that I have not shared many photos of my beautiful island home on the blog recently. This is partly because the weather has been awful and partly because my Guernsey “iPhoneography” tends to happen mid-run these days. The resulting photos are shared over on my running blog: Run, Martine, Run!

That said, I spotted this wonderful video recently – it’s too good not to share. It showcases Guernsey really nicely. It’s by a chap called Kaspars Daleckis. Enjoy.


6 responses to “Guernsey Wonderland Winter Timelapse

  1. When you started sharing your running photos on instagram I immediately added Guernsey to the list of places I want to visit. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, Martine!


  2. You live in such a wonderful place! Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your “paradise”! It’s truly beautiful.


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