A Guernsey girl shares her love of everything creative and handmade. Episodes cover a wide variety of crafts including knitting, papercrafts, sewing, jewellery making, cooking, photography, gardening and much, much more. The show also includes a generous helping of Guernsey culture too. So go on, join in – share the handmade love and celebrate the sheer joy of making stuff.

How can I tune in?

I am new to the podcast and there are lots of episodes – where do I start?

Please check out the top 10 iMake podcast episodes.

How can I comment on podcast episodes?

If you’d like to discuss episodes you can leave comments on the episode’s blog post or join the the iMake group on Ravelry.  You can also contact me in various ways (see the contact page of this website).

Can I get involved in the podcast?

Yes of course.  Please visit the FAQ page of this website to see how you could get involved with the podcast.

Boring but important…

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